Scheduling Your Bake

Daily Bread Schedule

To make sure you aren’t getting up in the middle of the night to shape bread, finding a bread schedule that works with your schedule is important. We recommend two different schedules depending on that time of day you plan to bake your bread when you plant on proofing the dough, while you sleep (Lazy Day) or while your going about your day (Busy Day).

The Busy day :

If you don’t have time during the day for bread, we suggest feeding your starter in the morning. In the early evening, around 5pm, when starter has at least tripled in size, hydrate your dough (autolyse) for an hour. 

After autolyse, incorporate the salt and starter and begin stretch and folds every 30 minutes for the next 3 hour, concluding at 9 or 10pm. Cover and let sit overnight to bulk ferment. 

The next morning at 6 or 7am, preshape and allow to rest. After 30 minutes perform the final shape. Cover in place in the refrigerator to proof. After 10 to 12 hours in the fridge, bake your bread that evening.

The Lazy Day:

If you have time to workin on your bread during the day, we suggest feeding your starter the night before. 

The next morning, after your starter as risen, hydrate your dough (autolyse) for one hour. Then add your starter and begin the stretch and folds every 30 minutes for the next 3 hours, concluding around 11 or 12pm.

Allowed dough to bulk ferment on the counter covered until that evening around 7 or 8pm. 

Perform the preshape and final shape and then place in the refrigerator and bake the following morning. 

*Warm Proofing - You can also replace the 12 hours of proofing in the refrigerator with room temperature proofing for about an hour or two. Results may vary depending on the temperature of your kitchen and you’ll need to watch it more closely. 

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